We have made several projects in different areas where applications of creative AI can already give impressive results. We believe these guerilla-style projects demonstrate the power of the technology behind them. These are not simple side-projects. These are illustrations designed to show what AI is already capable of and what limitations it has. It is also a way to be sure that what we do resonates with loads of people.

Neurona Cover

An EP released in 2017 with four songs written by an artificial neural network. The network generated lyrics that resemble lyrics of Kurt Cobain. The music and vocals were human-recorded.


Pianola Concert

A neural network trained to compose music in a given style. The music composed by the network in a style of Russian avant-garde composer, Alexander Scriabin, was arranged and played by a chamber orchestra on the opening ceremony of Yet Another Conference 2017 in Moscow.


MechText Logo

An AI-enhanced platform for commercial text rewriting. This is a research project that deals with semantic and stylistic features of texts and has a strong industrial potential in the areas of personalization (starting from advertising and finishing with user interface), filtering and information processing.


Genius Loci

A limited series of concerts in European capitals, where classical musicians perform music composed by Pianola in the styles of ten prominent classic composers.


Neural Defence
Neural Defence Cover

A mini music album released in 2016 and based on the lyrics generated by a neural network. The network was trained to resemble the style of the cult Russian punk-rock singer Egor Letov. The release got 300 000 listeners in the first week and considerable attention of Russian media and IT community.