Genius Loci

A limited series of concerts in European capitals, where classical musicians perform a 5 parts symphony composed by Pianola neural network. Every part is devoted to the particular city: Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Lisbon, London. Every part consists of 2 themes. Every theme is created in accordance with the style of famous composers from Bach to Fernando Lopes-Gracia. The symphony is accompanied by a real-time light show, also created by a machine.

Music: Pianola neural network.
Creative producer: Yann Debiak (The Color Bars Experience; Orchestre National de la Pays de la Loire)
Arrangement, sound producer: Jean-Christophe Cheneval  
Conductor: John Axelrod
Musicians: The Color Bars Experience and others.
General Producer: Ksenia Fossaert

For further information please, contact Ksenia.