Technologically Neurona is a daughter of our first text-generation project Neural Defence. After a success with the automated generation of Russian poetry we have decided to focus on the English version of the algorithm.

We have harvested approx. 200 mb of lyrics of classical and modern poetry in English across the web and tried to use this dataset for learning. The quality of the dataset is critical if you want the network to build some kind of morphology and grammar rules. It turned out that it is impossible to teach a neural network to create something that at least remotely resembles English poetry if you use some raw web-poetry data - mostly because many poems defy simple grammar rules. After a profound filtering we got approx. 100 mb. of data that was used to train a language model with sophisticated embeddings over it (the research paper on that would come out later this year). After filtering of the generated lyrics we got four songs, wrote music for them and recorded an EP. A New-York singer Rob Carrol recorded vocals for all four songs.

To give some additional old-school touch to the whole project, we have taken an original tape with Nirvana recordings and recorded the EP over it. You can listen to the whole EP on Apple Music or Google Music.